Butterfly Crystal Fantasy Rainbow Maker Large 25cm – Butterfly Crystal Fantasy Rainbow Maker Large 25cm


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a lovely butterfly that is mirrored on a cascade of crystals with complementary beads is finished with a 50mm Swarovski Spectra maker crystal that is almond rainbow. On a quality that is good metal chain every crystal has a hangtag with an individual description and sentiment relevant to each design. This piece measures 25cm from the hook that is top the base of the crystal. The real Swarovski rainbow maker crystal measures 5cm x 3cm so is an extremely nice size and hung in a sunlit screen could make the most amazing and mesmerising dancing rainbow display they can be hung anywhere and make ideal gifts for many occasions such as Christenings, Mothers’ Day, house warming, birthdays, Valentine’s etc. Designed and handmade in the UK they really are a beautiful and heart-warming gift although they are so lovely. . Please note. The details provided are not intended to provide a full or accurate definition of the product or it’s use and may contain errors, omisions or Ingredients not stated. For further clarity / confirmation please contact us with any questions. Some images may contain containers or product display elements that are Intended to show the products use but may not be supplied with the products.

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