Moon & Star Incense Stick & Cone Holder Round – Moon & Star Incense Stick & Cone Holder Round


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This lovely moon and celebrity wood ash catcher is made of sheesham timber, a tough rosewood native to India, the timber with this product originates from renewable woodland plantations. Each incense owner is handmade in India and contains been completed with wonderful inlaid metal details. It will be waxed to create out of the colour that is natural finish associated with timber. The four metal holes securely support the incense sticks upright while burning which merely enables the ash tofall on the meal, maintaining your furniture neat and ash free. These brass holes are surrounded by silver movie stars as well as in the centre there is certainly a pattern of a gold moon and a star. This charming incense owner enables you to burn to four incense sticks and a cone as well to produce your very own favourite specific aroma and would make a lovely present specially when associated with Us incense sticks. This incense owner is more or less 7cm in diameter.Please note. The details provided are not intended to provide a full or accurate definition of the product or it’s use and may contain errors, omisions or Ingredients not stated. For further clarity / confirmation please contact us with any questions. Some images may contain containers or product display elements that are Intended to show the products use but may not be supplied with the products.

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