Lavender Botanical Scented Sachet 20g – Lavender Botanical Scented Sachet 20g


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The enchanting scent of fresh lavender is revered globally among the many soothing and relaxing scents know to mankind. Fragranced sachets will be the way that is ideal fragrance any room, drawer, wardrobe, car or office just to name a few ideas. These come on a hanger for easy application to hang on a wall. You can enclose a sachet that is scented make any greetings card more unique (for the postman along with the receiver), place one into the vehicle to savor your favourite scent while you travel or throw one in to the boot to get rid of lingering aromas. Why maybe not give it a shot in a vacuum cleaner Many individuals just take anyone to work to fragrance their workers space, workplace etc. or even to simply pop into a desk cabinet. This sachet could be an gift that is ideal unique or an excellent addition to a present container, they are frequently utilized in silk or dried flower shows making them smell practical along with searching great. Around the house it could merely be positioned in any space, cabinet, wardrobe, washing container, container etc. or on a radiator in wintertime for a powerful scent boost plus they are additionally a perfect method to eradicate pet odours. This 90ml sachet measures 20cm x 6cm. 

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