Household Candle by Price?s 25hr Drum – Household Candle by Price?s 25hr Drum


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This great candle in a tin is a good solution to neutralise unwelcome odours, making your property smelling fresh and clean. This great candle is created with extracts of tangy orange, energizing lemon and herby thyme. This candle is ideal to simply take if you stay in a caravan with you when you travel for example. This candle has a fantastic 25 hour burn time and comes in a metal tin measuring 4cm tall and 6.5cm in diameter. Prices candles have been around for 170 years and have a long and association that is close the Royal Family. Today it holds a Royal Warrant for Her Majesty meaning that Prices supply candles for several Royal State occasions. They claim that candles aren’t simply sourced elements of sun light but are visual, fragranced and extremely created items in their own personal right. Household Candle by Prices.Please note. The details provided are not intended to provide a full or accurate definition of the product or it’s use and may contain errors, omisions or Ingredients not stated. For further clarity / confirmation please contact us with any questions. Some images may contain containers or product display elements that are Intended to show the products use but may not be supplied with the products.

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