Cinnamon Creek Fragranced Sachet – Cinnamon Creek Fragranced Sachet


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This richly scented sachet is full of a particular long fragrance that is lasting blended as well as delicious crazy red fruits and spicy cinnamon and topped with hot citric acid fruits and subdued spices to infuse your house. This wonderful sachet smells and appears good, embellished with a fabric, stitch-look design and a set of sheep standing among woods. This festive sachet is sold with a hanger rendering it an ideal addition to virtually any home hung on a doorknob, wardrobe, screen if not put in a basket. This Cinnamon Creek sachet would additionally make a pleasant Christmas gift suggestion for stockings or included in a hamper. The sachet itself measures (cm) H17 x W11 and comes packed in clear cellophane place. Need some a few ideas For a list of 101 great tips on the best way to make use of your sachets take a good look at our weblog right here. .Please note. The details provided are not intended to provide a full or accurate definition of the product or it’s use and may contain errors, omisions or Ingredients not stated. For further clarity / confirmation please contact us with any questions. Some images may contain containers or product display elements that are Intended to show the products use but may not be supplied with the products.

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