Sacred Love Unicorn Candle in a Tin – Sacred Love Unicorn Candle in a Tin


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a candle that is beautiful a tin scented with delicate jasmine tea to evoke feelings of love and positivity. Ideal to burn on those days when you need a boost that is little! The stunning image on top additionally the part of candle is established by the beloved musician, Lisa Parker. The top regarding the tin shows two unicorns that are white into each others eyes a mare and her foal. As they touch noses lovingly, the tips of their spiralling horns light up. Behind them, a forest that is magical be indistinctly made down into the evening. The exact same design repeats in the part. When being used spot the candle tin on a heat surface that is resistant. Ensure the candle is kept away from any materials that are flammable never go the candle while alight or although the wax is molten. Keep away from reach of young ones and animals. Do perhaps not leave a candle that is burning. This candle is suitable for vegans and has a burn time of 30 hours. Sacred Love Unicorn Candle in a tin.

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