Jasmine Deluxe Incense Sticks 20g Box


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The therapeutic properties of jasmine oil consist of anti-depressant, antiseptic, aphrodisiac, anti-spasmodic, expectorant, sedative and uterine. Aroma: wonderful exotic flowery, clear and refreshing. Jasmine officinalis is a sturdy, climbing, evergreen shrub with bright green leaves that grows become roughly 20ft high, with white star shaped plants. These plants can only just be chosen through the night since they just bloom during the night.This box contains 20g of incense (20 sticks roughly), each stick burns for 30 min roughly, each stick is hand-rolled with just 100% natural ingredients, packaging is 100% recyclable.  – .Please note. The details provided are not intended to provide a full or accurate definition of the product or it’s use and may contain errors, omisions or Ingredients not stated. For further clarity / confirmation please contact us with any questions. Some images may contain containers or product display elements that are Intended to show the products use but may not be supplied with the products.

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